D.O.A.: Punk Rock Singles 1978-99: CD

Jul 25, 2007

This release gathers thirteen singles (well, technically eleven singles and two EPs) totaling twenty-six tracks from Canada’s finest punk pioneers D.O.A. The CD progresses chronologically, from D.O.A.’s first release the Disco Sucks 7” from 1978 all the way up to a cover of Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown” from a 1999 split single. This is just as good a place to start as any when it comes to D.O.A., since it has most of their essential early classics on here like “The Enemy,” “The Prisoner” “World War III,” and “Fuck You” (which is actually a cover of fellow Vancouver band the Skulls). Many of the later songs (post 1983) are actually interesting enough too, if not quite as frantic and hook filled as the earlier releases. The only stumbling block is “Marijuana Motherfucker,” which sounds like an amped up filler track from a Cheech and Chong album. The fact that all the songs here are presented in remastered single versions makes this CD a worthy purchase for those without an obsessive vinyl collection of hard to get punk records, plus the liner notes about each release are really interesting.

 –Adrian (Sudden Death)

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