D.O.A.: Northern Avenger: CD

Mar 24, 2009

The album title comes from the name producer Bob Rock gave to Joe Keithley’s beat-to-shit guitar. It fits. This record also features the return of Randy Rampage on bass, but, apparently, he left the band again shortly after this recording. “Human Bomb” blows stuff up right from the get go, but strap yourself in. There’s a lot more. “Police Brutality” warns all of us to watch out for the fuzz. ‘Still a Punk” makes the case in point that the spirit of punk rock is still alive and well. This CD grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let up. I really, really like this one; a consistent release from start to finish. Don’t worry—Rock didn’t talk Joe into playing any Hammett-style licks. This is just one hundred percent pure D.O.A. No filter required.

 –koepenick (Sudden Death)

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