D.O.A.: Men of Action: DVD

Nov 24, 2009

Here we have the story of the Vancouver legends D.O.A. told in live footage and music videos spanning the last thirty or so years of their existence. All the classics are here as well as some not-so-classics. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Let’s Wreck the Party-era, though. Oddly, the years 1996-2000 are omitted for some reason. There was some good stuff during that time, too. The vids are great and all, but the real deal is watching it with the commentary with Joe Shithead on. He has some great stories, for sure, but it gets hard to listen to after awhile. This disc is an essential chapter in punk rock history and should be in your collection. It also includes the band’s latest release Northern Avenger. It’s got a few classic songs, but it’s got the Bob Rock overproduction going on. Too bad. Oh yeah, there’s a ska song... D.O.A should not play ska! –Ty Stranglehold (Sudden Death,

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