DOA: Live Free or Die: CD

Jul 09, 2007

Jeez, Joey, what are you trying to do to us? Here you take some of the best DOA tracks to come out in decades, songs we were praying would one day come, get our hopes up high, and then bury them amongst a barrage of ska tunes? HORNS?!? That’s just plain cruel and unusual punishment, sir, and there are laws against that. You could’ve ditched all but one or two of the ska songs (if you really felt the need to include something with a Caribbean beat on here) and had one corker of a record, man. For those interested in procuring a copy of this, here’s my suggestion: set your player to play pretty much all the odd tracks and you’ve got a record that would fit nicely between War on 45 and Let’s Wreck the Party. Take it as a whole, you’re gonna understand what the phrase “the ecstasy and the agony” truly means. I guess it was no coincidence they nicked the riff for the song “39 Lashes” from Jesus Christ Superstar for one of the tunes here.

 –jimmy (Sudden Death)