D.O.A.: Kings of Punk, Hockey and Beer: CD

Jan 12, 2010

Dunno if this constitutes a new “album,” per se, as it does another compilation of later tracks by this venerable punk act. What it looks like they’ve done is taken a number of tunes that have appeared on other releases over the years (could swear I’ve seen “Dead Men Tell No Tales” on at least two others) and repurposed them into a new collection addressing the three subjects identified in the album title. Some good songs can be found here—“Beat ’Em, Bust ’Em” comes pretty damned close to their “classic” period—while the rest are serviceable at worst, and they have the good sense to ditch the ska this time around. Is it a triumphant return to form for one of the greatest punk bands ever? Nope, but it ain’t exactly terrible, either.

 –jimmy (Sudden Death)