DOA: Greatest Shits: DVD

Sep 16, 2010

Thirteen (get it?) DOA videos created between 1978 and 1998 by the band that served as the Canadian Clash, the Canadian Ramones, and the Canadian Sex Pistols (exchange rates, i guess) and should certainly need no introduction for any Razorcake reader. As one might assume, the best clips are the three from ‘78-‘81 (“punk” era, if you will) – a live version of “Disco Sucks” shot with perplexed motorcycle cops watching punk-addled audience members rending a Canadian flag asunder (on Canadian Independence Day no less), an out-of-tune bang-thru of “Get Out of My Life” shot at the Peppermint Lounge in NYC, and the “real” 1979 video for “World War 3” – where a fresh-faced lineup of Shithead, Rampage and Biscuits lip-synch poorly but earnestly to the original 45 version of the song (the later LP version was even better) which coined the phrase “New Clear Day” well ahead of D. Fenton & Co. The five “rock” era (‘82-‘90) videos are highlighted by “Takin’ Care of Business,” where the band plays hockey in matching lumberjack shirts (while coached by no less a Canuckian music luminary than Randy Bachman) against a team of evil, suit-wearing businessmen (“DOA v. The Man” being pretty much the theme of every video here, except for “World War 3,” where the theme is merely “DOA v. Lip-Synching”), and are the kind of thing one assumes one might occasionally play for overnight guests. The remaining five videos from the “Career in Barely Listenable Rock Activism” era (‘92-present), are, not surprisingly, barely watchable as well, with the exception of “It’s Not Unusual,” which is kinda painful to sit thru anyway, simply on accounta it makes you realize how head-and-shoulders the Tom Jones cover was above their own material at the time. The whole ordeal concludes with a concise seven-minute documentary on the band’s career (incl. testimonials from Biafra, Rollins, Dave Grohl, et al) that at least partially mitigates the band’s later unlistenability. Ultimately, not being much of a rock video aficionado (hey, if you’re not Mud or Freddie & the Dreamers, you don’t NEED to make a video), in a perfect world, i’d rent this for a buck at Family Video, watch it once (and enjoy it), tape “World War 3” and “Disco Sucks” for the archives, bring it back the next day and be done with it. You, consumer, are welcome to improvise your own strategy. BEST VIDEO: “World War 3” (hey, i only like videos where the band stands somewhere and pretends they’re playing their song. Music videos need “plot” like porno movies need “plot,” yaknowhaddimesayin? MOST IRONIC FEATURE: Well, it’s sort of a toss up between A. how pretty much every video is DOA railing against THE MAN, yet the first thing that popped up on the teevee screen when i put this in the player is that big red “WARNING” thing that says how if i break copyright laws, Interpol is gonna come get me, and B. the fact that the Canadian Home Video people only gave this a PG rating. –Rev. Nørb (Sudden Death, Cascades PO Box 43001, BurnabyBCCanadaV5G 3H0)