D.O.A.: 25TH Anniversary Anthology: CD

Jun 10, 2008

This starts with “Disco Sucks,” from 1978, a cool, raw punk song that shows DOA as a band full of talent. Next you have songs from the two great DOA albums, Something Better Change and Hardcore 81, followed by War on 45, in which DOA – sometimes known as the Canadian Clash – prove that they’re absolutely NOT the Clash and should never try reggae again and never, ever, ever cover “War” again. Good god, y’all. “Fuck You” comes in as a testament to the old days of DOA’s greatness (though it is, of course, a Subhumans [Canada] song), before they mired themselves in metal and pretty much stayed there from 1982 on. In short, this anthology is just like DOA’s music career: fucking awesome at the beginning, and let’s just ignore the rest.

 –sean (Sudden Death)