Do Ya Hear We Fest 2012 Live Video Playlist : Chattanooga, TN 6/29/12-7/1/12 By Candice

Jul 08, 2012

Posted below is just a mere sampling of the delicious buffet of music that was Do Ya Hear We Fest in Chattanooga. Thanks to Toby Tober, we have an entire playlist that includes the likes of: Spoonboy, Serenghetto, Fat Shadow, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa, Cheesequake, Very Very Sneaky, Street Eaters, Hidden Spots, Real Drag, Fuck Detector, Golden Rulers, Dark Rides, One Timers, Frozen Teens, ADD/C, and Snarias!

Enjoy. Second helpings are free!


Kreamy 'Lectric Santa:

Fuck Detector:

Street Eaters:

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