DMZ: Live at the Rat: CD

Aug 13, 2009

The legendary, incendiary DMZ (in conjunction with the highly esteemed musicologists at Bomp Records) have raucously released a skull-crackin’ platter of live material culled from one of their early performances in September of 1976 and then a “reunion” gig in May of ‘93. Although I personally prefer the first set due to its energetic youthfulness and frenzied brashness, the entire disc is quite simply the ultimate in pure rampagin’ rock’n’roll swagger. It’s sloppy, insolent, abrasive, and musically caustic – a robust and dangerous explosion of some of the most primal sounds man has ever unleashed! If ya need a drunkenly incoherent comparison of sorts, all I can say is Chuck Berry, The Stooges, and the New York Dolls are each sonically spraypainted into DMZ’s bloodstream with huge globs of snottiness profusely oozing outta their sweat glands. In the CD-insert liner notes, DMZ’s guitarist, J.J. Rassler, bluntly states the obvious, “The band was difficult to deny, easy to hate, and hard to love. A lotta people thought we’d just self-combust. We did kinda...”. Now that’s what I call straightforward balls-out attitude! Just one listen to Live at the Rat, and you’ll wholeheartedly agree.

 –guest (Bomp!)