DIY & FOLK PUNK: $3 ppd., 8 ½”x 11”, copied, 40 pgs.

Jul 21, 2011

This is an amazing zine that pulled me back from the brink of being burnt out at the beginning of this summer. You just don’t come across zines that are this well written, thought-out, and enthusiastic all the time. The introduction explains the history of the folk-punk movement and how it ties into punk rock DIY ethics. The author, Ben, does a great job of getting to the heart of this movement by citing examples and using quotes from different artists who are involved. Instead of gushing about how great folk-punk and DIY are, he explains what’s going on and lets the reader get into it on their own. The rest of the zine is full of interviews with musicians who (whether they like it or not) are generally associated with the DIY/folk-punk genre: Jessie Williams, Paul Baribeau, Pat the Bunny, Chicken Little, Chris Clavin, and quite a few more. Again, Ben keeps his opinion out of it by letting the artists answer the questions without any prompting or leading, which is very respectable when you are writing a zine that involves facts and history. There are one or two people who end up making themselves sound like jackasses in their interviews, but I am really glad that Ben didn’t edit their answers to try to make them sound cooler. This DIY & Folk Punk zine comes with the highest recommendation that I can give, and it is definitely one of my new favorites. –Ben Algeroy, 7614 Janak Dr., Houston, TX 77055, [email protected]