DIVINE 6/7, THE: Self-titled: LP

Mar 07, 2013

I’m not baiting you if I say, “I don’t know a Justin Bieber song.” I’m not being contrarian when I say, “Nope, never heard Lady Gaga, that I know about.” My thinking is this: certain people spend a lot of time regulating what they ingest and to what they subject their bodies and minds. Food. Exercise. Politics. The sun. Disposable, popular music. Music’s important to me. I cherish the rare place I’m in. No personal Facebook. No cell phone. Records get sent to me in the mail. I can listen to bands and people I admire (sometimes adore) on a regular basis in a manner I find fulfilling at my own pace without a corporation attempting to slide its oil-soaked hands down the front of my pants to extract my wallet (or digital equivalent). The Divine 6/7 feature Jamie and Katie of the Pine Hill Haints and two talented women. The songs are rad. I agree with Jamie’s assessment: they’re looking for that perfect song. This record—a collection of released and new material—is a joy to listen to. It’s an honest, real, authentic, fun, and exuberant record recorded in 2012. So, I’ll make you a deal, popular shit culture who disbelieves that some people just don’t care about you. I’ll listen to your pop trash for one or two songs if you agree to take time, sit down, and listen to the Divine 6/7 on vinyl. Then we’ve got a deal. A one-to-one deal. Yeah, I know it’s asking a lot, but those are the terms. Damn it. Orwell was right again. People are embracing their own systems of control, loving them, and are becoming addicted to the distraction, instead of being cautious of it… and this is a damn fine record.

 –todd (Arkam)

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