DIVIDER: At Twilight: CD

Sep 05, 2006

You’ve got six songs here full of blastbeats, throat-rending vocals, and some heavy and intricate hardcore-meets-metal riffage. Their lyrics are whipcrack smart, the production’s excellent, and there’s enough variety in their eye-gouging and throat-punching that the six songs go by pretty fast. I’m thinking Curl Up And Die, I’m thinking Killing The Dream and maybe some Madeline Ferguson too. Would probably please both straight-up metalheads and fans of the five mile an hour punch in the face that Drowningman dishes out. One of those deals where it definitely wasn’t cringeworthy by any means, but also wasn’t a sonic version of an ice-cold Pabst on a hot summer day. Still, if I saw ’em in a basement somewhere, I’d probably go right up front and stay there for the whole set.

 –keith (Shock Value)

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