DIVERS: Self-titled : 7”

Rumbletowne Records is one of my favorite current labels. They’re unafraid to take chances and, thus, release unique and interesting bands. The other side of this is I often hear something they put out and just don’t get it. Diversis a good example. To me it sounds like slow, boring indie rock. One of the songs waxes sentimental about two guys who call each other Dean and Sal like the Kerouac characters. Ugh! It’s overly maudlin and smarmy. Wait… aren’t Dean and Sal the same guy? I don’t remember. I quit reading Kerouac when I was about eighteen. Anyway, you might like this if you like indie-influenced punk or Rumbletowne Records. I’ll pass.

 –Craven (Rumbletowne, rumbletowne.com)