DISTRICT SIX YOUTH ENSEMBLE: Certified Professionals: CD-R

Sep 23, 2011

It’s well documented that high levels of instant success irrevocably damage artists. Look no further than a boatload of child actors and author Joseph Heller. (Catch 22 cast a long shadow; one that he never escaped.) Bryan May, who I’ve chastised in the past never to send out band practice tapes as “demos,” heeded my advice. DSYE are good with flashes of being really good. The signposts and direction are clear: Denton, TX punk (wisps of Marked Men, High Tension Wires, Bad Sports). The good news is that the bands Bryan is playing in are getting progressively better by degree. That if these musicians keep chuggin’ away, they turn bright-hot instant success on its ear and fit the much better template of continually releasing stronger and stronger songs the longer they play. Keep plugging in and pluggin’ away.

 –todd (Self-released, no address listed)