DISTRACTION, THE: Calling All Radios: LP

Jul 16, 2009

Not really my cup of tea, so I’m not going to profess that I’m going to give this the most informative review. What I hear is what I’ve been hearing a lot of coming out of Sweden. But what I can’t seem to get out of my head is they sound like the Hives to me. Also maybe a mixture of ‘60s garage and maybe a little bit of the Stitches. Also the vocals have that early Iggy Pop snottiness to it. The music is definitely not lame. Musically, they come off at times having a surf sound, maybe a little new wave, too — maybe because they originate from Orange County. But the songs are strong without coming off sounding like a school of French poodles. I feel like I need to get a bowl cut and put on a skinny tie and pogo around the dance floor like a spastic fish. Definitely fun and has caught my attention. I know others within our zine empire would appreciate this more. But I always welcome the introduction to new music any time. How did they get on a German label?

 –don (Radio Blast)