Warrior Tribes play stomping hardcore with some gang vocals scattered throughout, influenced by New York hardcore and oi with some of the gnarlier modern hardcore sounds of bands like Fucked Up. The lead singer’s super masculine vocal would fit well into the aforementioned categories, but lyrics to “Flats” call out entitled meathead behavior and bros who have to start fights to feel strong while at the same time playing up a victim mentality. Good form! With only three songs, Warrior Tribes show much more promise as a lyrically and socio-politically sound band. I’m not into Distract as much, but they put in some pretty solid, politically-relevant hardcore with lots of fast to slow tempo changes. However, both sides suffer from atrocious sound quality; another thing that sucks about the cassette trend is its blurring of the line between a demo and an official release. On that note, let’s just call this a demo, because these are serious slop recordings. Bands to watch, regardless.  –Craven Rock (Self-released)  –Craven Rock (Self-released)