DISTORTION FAITH #1: $5 ppd., 5¾” x 8¼”, 20 pgs.

Jan 15, 2013

Cool start to a new zine out of Sweden. They do pack the twenty pages with information and graphics. Coverage is focused mainly on the noisier stuff that’s getting a lot of hype lately. Interviews serve more like introductions, and tend to discuss the music output of the bands (I would like/hope to see deeper questions asked in future issues). The one interview I enjoyed most was with the radio show Sjuka Signaler, because these types of projects rarely get discussed. The bands interviewed are Nerv, Effluxus, Sex Dwarf, Human Power, Acute, Lögnhalsmottagningen, and record labels Hardcore Survives, and De:Nihil. I also like the “Fast & Loud” column, where the writer tells us about some demos, sharing music, and gives a playlist. The overall layout is the standard punk style, with a slightly chaotic look, but never too busy or confusing. The printing is great, and the photos come through nice and clear. I’m interested in seeing how this grows. –M.Avrg (Björn Kårén, Föreningsgatan 45, 211 52 Malmö, Sweden, smrtrecords.se)