DISTILLERS, THE: Sing Sing Death House: CD

Jan 29, 2009

The Distillers have once again put out a CD I can't stop listening to. This one is a bit harder than their first (which is still on high rotation here). This is kick-ass female fronted punk rock. It's catchy but not poppy. Some of my friends have listened to them and were surprised when I told them a girl was singing. She has a great voice. For those unaware, the singer is Brody Armstrong, Tim from Rancid’s wife. They give Rancid (when at their best) a run for their money. She also happens to be one of the hottest girls in punk. I felt like a teenager in heat when I saw them live. I think I have a crush. Anyways, they actually sound great too. Do yourself a favor and listen to this band. (aside: for Brody fans, you can find a poster of her in the new Hellcat comp.) Damn, I feel like I should be reading Teen Beat. Fuck.

 –toby (Hellcat)