DISSIMILARS, THE: Landmine: 7"

Jun 21, 2007

If “recorded in a hallway” belies charm to you. If fidelity and “being able to play your instrument” begins and ends with Supercharger. If you shed a single tear, lamenting the breakup of Scared of Chaka every time you spin their records, like that Indian in that commercial, amongst all that trash. If you ever wondered how Larry of Genetic Disorder zine played guitar. If you ever wondered how a singer would sound if you constantly ripped duct tape from his skin as he yelped into the microphone. If you’ve ever wondered one of these things, the Dissimilars are right up your alley, spare changing before their sets, antagonizing you when they’re playing, and badgering you for beer when they’re done. Fuck “pro dudes, pro attitudes.” Dirt rock in shambles is where it’s at. Excellent.

 –todd (Plastic Idol)