DISSIMILARS, THE: Jimmy’s Room: 7”

Jul 22, 2006

I reviewed this band’s demo a while back and I said that I couldn’t wait for them to put out some vinyl. Now I don’t have to wait anymore. And, while it’s inexplicably lacking in Venom and Flag of Democracy riffs, it’s still great, fuzzy, bopping garage rock that sounds pretty much like all those great bands that came out of the Southwest in the mid-‘90s like the Drags, the Inhalants, and the Motards. It may seem like a disservice to compare them to so many other bands, but with this kind of stuff, there’s not really anything new. However, I am pretty burned out on the we-used-to-love-the-Infections-but-now-we-love-Sonic-Youth stuff and it’s awesome to know that bands are still playing this kind of simple, straightforward punk rock with those catchy guitar parts that we can whistle to ourselves while we clean the pool at the YMCA. And I hear they’re straight edge.

 –josh (Out of Order)

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