DISSIMILARS: Hit Record: Tape

Mar 11, 2009

Dirty-ass, lo-fi garage punk from San Diego. It has the broken down basement sound that could only be made by young kids who don’t give a fuck or old bastards with nothing to lose. The tape consists of all covers, (Consumers, The Lids, Ramones, The Pagans, The Kids, Reatards, Oblivions, and Supercharger). It’s hella fun and has definitely got some rotation in my tape player. It’s kind of weird, though, to listen to a tape of covers without already having an idea of the original personality of the band covering them. Don’t get me wrong, it totally shines through, but if I were going to get something by this band I’d hunt down some of their original stuff first. But once you have, don’t overlook this. The “Teenage Lobotomy” cover rips ass.

 –Craven (Green Door)