DISSEKERAD: Self-titled: LP

Jul 19, 2014

There must be some kind of mistake here. The album cover says that the band here is Dissekerad but the songs sound strikingly similar to later period Totalitär. The singer for this band is even listed as Poffen. Is Poffen a common name in Sweden? Jokes aside, this really does sound an awful lot like Totalitär and the vocalist is in fact our old friend Poffen joined by fellow Swedish royalty (members of Makabert Fynd and Avskum, among others). So, as you may have already guessed, the sound is most certainly that of high octane Swedish crust / d-beat. I suppose you could say that the raspy vocal delivery is the distinguishing attribute between Poffen’s old and new bands, but that’s not to say Dissekerad doesn’t hold their own or kick some serious ass. This is still some timeless and classic d-beat flawlessly performed by godfathers of the scene. All hail Poffen and Dissekerad. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Man In Decline)

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