DISRUPTERS, THE: Generation Retard: CD

May 13, 2011

One of the old U.K. bands that managed to have one foot in the Punk and Disorderly crowd and the Crass crowd (at least compilation-wise), these guys have decided to give it another go with this, their first album in twenty-five years. Pretty much gone is the youthful, clamorous hardcore of songs like “Young Offender” and “Bomb Heaven,” and in is a more refined punk sound with a bit of a rock undertow and vocals more often growled than shouted. Not that this is a bad thing, per se, but it’s definitely a marked change in sound, but it has been twenty-five years, for fuck’s sake. The lyrics remain topical as ever, addressing corporate corruption, religion and such, and retain a sophistication that’s still light years ahead of the average parrot punk band’s abstract whinnies about an amorphous “system” that apparently suffers irreparable damage by singing about ingesting copious amounts of beer. The thought put into the proceedings is evident, and that makes all the difference.

 –jimmy (Overground, overgroundrecords.com)