DISRESPECT: Wartorn: 7”

Aug 15, 2006

Despite its more than obvious shortcomings, I kind of liked this record. There’s a “deep end is buried in the red” fuzzy quality to the recording that reminds me so much (and here’s one for obscurity) of a 7” from a long defunct band from Texas called Minority. Disrespect is way more tuneful than I’ve come to expect from the P.E. people, and that the cover art and layout would lead one to believe. I was planning on hearing some blasé crust punk with horribly rhyming lyrics. I got the rhyming part right (topics include the evils of religion, police, and government, of course), but the music itself is nearly of toe-tapping quality. The best thing this band probably has going for it is that they have three singers, which probably makes for a pretty rad live show. On the recording, however, the woman’s vocals are so up front in the mix compared to the other two (gentlemen) vocalists that it sounds like she’s practically talking, rather than screaming her head off. Overall, I can’t see myself rocking out to this one very often, but then again I’ve been known to play side A of Tommy Tutone’s first LP and actually lip sync to it, so that kind of fucking cancels things out, doesn’t it?

 –keith (Profane Existence)