DISRESPECT: Justice in a Bag: CD

Jun 29, 2007

Mid-tempo mohawk-core with three singers, none of whom apparently can muster enough energy to sound particularly interested in what they’re doing or singing about. The lyrics, while not exactly Whitman, make their point. Of interest was “Hung, Drawn, and Quartered,” which is quite possibly the first song I’ve heard—on a record with such an anti-war bent to the other lyrics —to advocate hanging and castrating convicted rapists who are released from prison. While I may not necessarily be averse to the suggestion, I find it interesting that they would advocate torturing and killing one group of people—rapists or not—while at the same time decrying the torturing and killing going on in the Bush administration’s Middle Eastern war of empire. I wonder if they’re vegetarians that wear leather jackets, or are pro-abortion and anti-death penalty.

 –jimmy (Profane Existence)