Disposable Skateboard Bible, The: By Sean Cliver, 367 pgs. By Ty

Oct 29, 2009

A few years ago, I wrote a review in these very pages about a book called Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art by Sean Cliver. I claimed it was the ultimate chronicle of the world of art in skateboarding. I stood by that until now.



Cliver ended up making a few additions to his first book and realized there was a lot more to the story than what he included in his first book. He decided to follow it up with the fuckin’ bible! Seriously, this almost 400-page, hardbound tome has an extremely biblical feel to it. It even has the little red ribbon bookmark in the binding! What is more important is the content: so many pictures of boards from the ‘50s right up until the ‘00s and many more anecdotes from the pro skaters, artists, shapers, and every other industry insider. Cliver himself lays out the story of skateboard collecting and the disease it can become (as I can attest to you first hand). He goes the extra mile with sections on rare prototypes and actual pros’ rides leaving me literally drooling.



For me, looking at the artwork on these skateboards instantly transports me to a place in my own history. I see pictures of boards and the memories come flooding back: the boards I used to ride, the ones my best friends rode, the one that cute girl used to ride, the one that the police confiscated, the one I swung like a club to get out of a bad situation. Sean Cliver has managed to stir some of the best memories of my life up and, for that, I’ve gotta thank him. If you skate or have ever skated, you must have this! –Ty Stranglehold (Ginko Press 1321 Fifth St., Berkeley, CA 94710)