DISORDER: We’re Still Here: CD

Jul 09, 2009

Who would have thunk it? I’m holding a new Disorder CD in 2003. Not since the 1984 Under the Scalple Blade LP have I heard a thing by this band. I knew they had other releases after that LP, but I never acquired them. The only remaining member from the 1984 LP is Taf, the bassist, who now sings, too. They are now a three piece being rounded out by Yaga on guitar and Adey Anarchy on drums. I think they used to fly under the banner of “Noise not Music” when they first started out like Chaos UK – straight forward UK punk that was purposely ugly to the ears. The formula hasn’t strayed too far. The monotone buzzing sound is there. However, with the mutation of punk through the years, it’s not as extreme now as it was then. I guess I have become desensitized. But familiarity is a good tool for easy acceptance. The songs are sloppy like a good drunken night. The speed varies to keep you on your toes. If you enjoy a good dose of “two fingers in the air” UK punk rock, you will not be disappointed. Recorded in Japan, you would think the production might be over the top, but the recording studio sounds like it did some research and recorded the band as they should sound.

 –don (HG Fact)