DISMANTLE: Complaints: 7”

Jun 14, 2014

Complaints is the Ohio hardcore group Dismantle’s latest. And they are pissed. Pissed about tough guys, pissed about people telling them it’s time to pray, about nationalist patriots, and about the ubiquitous man’s command that they get haircuts. Recording-wise, Complaints scores clarity but keeps the blown-out PA sound of a good basement show, my dream combo. At times, the “society vs. me” conflict of some songs is shrug worthy, but then they kill it with “Adapt” and “Selective Freedom,” personal stories sung in punk hardcore form, thrashed out with brutal sincerity. In this glass, I taste mineral and steely notes with hints of Boston Strangler and The Killing Tree, minus the latter’s tangy and mellow bridges—an earthy and sippable treat.   –Jim Joyce (Scumbros)