DISKONTO: Watch Us Burn: CD

Jul 25, 2006

A long running “Dis” band from Sweden releases another one. I have seen their name around now for over ten years, it seems. But like many things in my life, I have not listened to or bought anything until now. Thirty-six tracks on this puppy, with half of them being live. I have listened to this release three times in a row now and I don’t seem to tire of it. The lyrics are sung in their native tongue with the exception of their DRI cover, “Money Stinks.” At first, I thought the recording sounded too clean. But, after multiple listens, it sounds refreshing and actually brings out some uniqueness in their sound. What I like most about this recording is that they don’t follow the same road as most bands in the so-called “Dis” genre. The elements are there, but they’re at their best when they straight-up thrash. The songs sound like they can bore holes into concrete. The band plays with precision and, in unison, changes the tempos from fast to faster and back to fast. There were a lot of moments while I was listening where I would think that I would compare them to the first time I heard bands like Minor Threat or Out Cold. The power is right in your face.

 –don (Crimes Against Humanity)