DISGRUNTLED: Hopeless World: LP

Mar 17, 2008

First impression I got was this band could have and should have been around the early ‘90s in Long Beach playing with Know Records’ bands Das Klown and The Fixtures. Something inside me tells me that they would have been on many of the same shows. They seem to fit that sound and era for me: aggressive hardcore punk but with a SoCal punk sound. Their three chords of anger also reminded me of the band the Nihilistics. The recording is raw and live-sounding—giving it a genuine sound—with vocals that are yelled but understandable, so you can clearly make out the lyrics. So it kinda surprised me that this band hails from Portland, OR. Tragically, right before the release of this LP, the drummer died in a work accident. Not sure if the band is done. But if they continue on, I would like to see if the band can progress into more of their own.

 –don (Deadend)

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