DISCREET DOLL BAND, THE: Back in Business: 7”

Sep 05, 2006

I really don’t like glam that much. It can be done well, but overall, the genre doesn’t set well with me. Given that, the things that I look for if it’s something I have to listen to is the quality of the recording. It is fun live, but if you are going to bring it home with you, the recording has to sound full, loud, and well produced. It’s not punk. You can’t get away with a shitty recording, because it isn’t meant to sound that way. It’s a pretentious form of music, and the recording has to show that. Musically, the songs have to hold their own. They have to be able to keep my attention. Unfortunately, this 7” doesn’t have anything I am looking for. It sounds like shit, the songs are boring, and even the artwork is lame. This 7” is just pointless.

 –guest (Rich Bitch)