DISCOUNT: Singles #1: CD

Jan 29, 2009

For a while, when I was living in Florida, it seemed like Discount played at every show I went to. It wasn’t that I was hunting them down, necessarily. They were just the only good, active band in the area at the time. They always tipped the scales for me. I’d be indecisive about checking out a show, but see that Discount was on the bill and figure, well, at least Discount will be good. Now it’s hard for me to decide if they were really that good of a band, or if their music just brings back good memories. I’ve heard two basic criticisms of them: that Alison sometimes sounds like she’s nagging when she sings, and that they don’t have enough of a separation between music and vocals. I can understand the criticism. Neither of these things bother me. I like the way Alison sings. I don’t feel nagged. And, it’s true that the songs might be better if there were more instrumental parts. The music is powerful. It builds and releases a lot of tension. At times, I wish the focus was more on that music and less on the singing along. But, really, all that means is that I want more. And is wanting more really a criticism, anyway? So this is a collection of their early singles, stuff they released in ’95 and ’96. They definitely grew a lot as a band after ’96, and they got a lot better on their later albums. Still, their early stuff has a sincerity and energy to it that I really enjoy. I’m glad they re-released all of these songs.

 –sean (New American Dream)

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