Sep 18, 2009

I'm am so grateful that Tadoshi from HG Fact is doing what he is doing. I am also glad that he is supporting this here zine. This latest release is up there with the many great releases this label has put out. Great packaging and high quality production (I'm getting too old for the xerox covers that looks like my baby niece would have drawn). Discordance Axis start off with their trademark guitar and drums barrage of manic rage that comes and goes so quickly that it feels like you were mugged in 20 seconds. They follow with an instrumental track that is almost ambient with mellow tones to lightly stimulate your senses. The infamous Corrupted from Japan follow next and play a little shorter than they must be accustomed to. They also offer two tracks of their pure sludge sung in Spanish. You should get their full length. It's so painful and hard to listen to. It's two tracks on two CDs. I hear that they are the winners of the unofficial longest song. Topping off this release with three songs is 324. If you never heard of them before, I, and many, believe that they are very similar to the '80s grindcore band Terrorizer. Pummeling and energized grind thrash that is not easy on the ears but full of energy that makes you want you to crash your car while in a state of rage.

 –don (HG Fact)