DISCONVENIENCE: War on Wankers: 7"

Jun 21, 2007

Going by the “Dis” prefix to their name, that they’re from Sweden, and the lady singer has a mohawk so tall, she wouldn’t be able to sit inside a car normally with it up, I figured this was going to another incarnation of Discharge-inspired, bullet belt, assflap “up the punx” crust. Nope. Oddly, this three piece reminds me of Bikini Kill first, mixed in with the Avengers second, and Penetration third: super clearly enunciated and charged vocals, absolutely fantastic guitar work, and a lot more breathing room than their thrash brethren. I wasn’t expecting immaculate diction and sparkling grammar, either. My only gripe? I think they can shear down their songs—they tend to repeat a skosh too much. They just need keep at it. As it stands, they’re not quite as memorable of the three other bands I compared them to, but they’re enjoyable when the record’s spinning. Solid beginnings.

 –todd (Disconvenience/ Wasted Sounds)