DISCONTENT: Self-titled: CD and LP

Jul 26, 2009

I'm a bit slower than the people around me. I played this LP a bunch and something was very different. My expectations were extremely high. Their Who Killed Vinyl? 7" on Hostage, I still believe, is quite possibly one of the unsung gems of oi in the past five years and their Shot Down CDEP was a teaser of a follow-up. They were posed to claim the kingdom of angry, fisticuff, non-cheesy street rock, neck-and-neck with Bonecrusher. Full of tough, hard stuff they didn't skimp on the hooky melodies. Then it struck me. Discontent found rock, evidenced by the fancier guitar parts, the slower, more filled-in drumming, and the vocals getting less gruff. This, in and of itself, isn't a bad thing. I like rock, but instead of continuing down a path where Discontent could have been undisputed heavyweight kings – there really were few contenders – they've gone into an arena with literally thousands of bands already mastering the same type of music. From the New Bomb Turks to Turbonegro to Zeke to the Candy Snatchers, the bar has been set so high by some already badass bands that have been playing so long. This LP is all competently played and does have some right-on songs, but if I had no prior experience with listening to the band, I'd probably like this a bit more. I was just expecting something different, like spitting my teeth out from getting hit in the mouth instead of a possible opener for Motorhead (who I like.). –Todd (Disaster)

 –todd (Disaster)

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