Mar 17, 2008

It’s too bad, really: I generally love this label. Sure, not all of their bands are exactly espousing the most progressive, thought-provoking stuff, but you simply cannot beat No Front Teeth’s sheer sassitude and spot-on visual and sonic ‘77 punk aesthetic. That’s why this one was such a bummer. The day-glo snot and scabies and scent of unwashed pits just wasn’t there on this one. I’ve got an old split Kermit’s Finger did with Zippo Raid from years back; I remember being pretty meh towards them at the time, and it turns out that the years have not warmed me to them. Granted, at times they sound almost like the Motards, or a band trying to cover the Motards, but lackluster lyrics and songwriting that’s just a tad too generic doesn’t put ye up in the same league. In the meantime, Disco Lepers claim their stuff was “not mastered, not produced, not engineered.” However, it apparently was recorded down the hall from where they actually played the songs, because the sound is, uh, thin, to say the least. They have eight songs on their side of the split and no lyrics printed at all. Then again, with song titles like “Nazi Pop,” “Puke on the Youth,” and “Feces Party,” I’m probably much better off anyway. Good label, but I’m gonna have to pass on this record.

 –keith (No Front Teeth)

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