DISCIPLINE: Downfall of the Working Man: CD

Jul 25, 2006

I haven’t listened to too much street punk in the last few years. When I was digging through the piles at HQ looking for items to review, I ran across this band’s release. I figured, “How bad could this be?” I did keep a copy of Nice Boys Finish Last that I got around 2000, so there was something in their music that made me keep it all these years. It was a good choice on my part. I don’t remember really what the last release I have sounds like, but this one is great all on its own. I would call this advanced melodic street punk, not the cookie cutter wannabe oi stuff that newbie bands play when they decide that is the genre that is going to be played. These songs have a great hook and are carried with striking melodies. I am one big sucker when it comes to melody. The guitarist also adds cool guitar harmonies that add another dimension to the sound. It might not make me shave my head with a razor but it will get more than one listen out of me.

 –don (Thorp)