DISCIPLES, THE: Redemption: CD

Jul 24, 2013

Remember when I tore the new Fang album a new one a couple of issues ago? Well, I pretty much brutalized it (and I stand by that review), but I really wasn’t expecting to think much about it again. I put this disc in and started listening without looking at the cover. I was treated to some solid, hard-driving punk with some of the rock’n’roll flavor of the Hostage Records stable of bands. I like that a lot. Upon checking out the cover, I learned that the singer is Sammytown of Fang. Whereas I couldn’t stand the new Fang disc, this is really great. I have this theory that sometimes people involved with somewhat famous (or notorious) bands sometimes get stifled within the persona of the band itself. Once they step outside and start a new band with no predispositions, they are free to do something great… Or maybe I am really overthinking this. The bottom line is that Sammytown needs to continue with this band.

 –ty (Malt Soda)