Mar 27, 2012

Ty wrote the serious review of this, so here goes. Discharge: A.) Can I make a rule? Only Discharge, Motörhead, and the Ramones can wear their own band’s T-shirts. All other bands who do it are dinks. I think that if you invent a genre (d-beat) and a subclass (dis-bands), you can set your own rules. Casualties, please don’t beat me up. B.) Man, it sure looks like the same clock that Jawbreaker has on the cover of 24 Hour Revenge Therapy. C.) Discharge sounds like how I remember them: slightly faster Motörhead, obsessed with terrible, bad shit—rapes, holocausts, children gunning down children, mass graves. Off With Their Heads: Psychically, this is off the charts. A Bill-Beltone-penned tune, Welly Artcore graphic design, Todd Congelliere recording, Mike Watt on bass, Shanty Cheryl on camera, Jimmy Trash on drums, Discharge the Mr. Roper-type neighbor—Ryan Young is living out so many punks-over-twenty-fives’ fantasies simultaneously that your head may explode… and the song’s really good. Ryan’s like a wizard of punk fantasies. Rad. Hey, the labels are mixed up on my copy.

 –todd (Drunken Sailor)

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