Aug 13, 2009

On first glance, I just though this was an Unseen/ Casualties ripoff. Spiky hair, bad lighting, faces of constipation, tons of patches, safety pin abuse. But something didn’t sit right. I recognized none of the patches. I don’t claim to know every punk band’s logo, but then the irony struck me like a nail through the scrote. These crusty anarcho punks aren’t. They’re Punks for Christ (with funny names like Ratty, Monkey, and Zipper). Fuckin’ weird. All their patches are wiggly, charged crosses that look like they’ve been put through the Rudimentary Peni filter. Using the crusty look, they extol the virtues of a clean mouth (no swearing), how god is good (in every song), and how anarchy’s not the way (“don’t get me wrong, our government sucks, but we can’t destroy it. We can fix it!”) Fuckin’ weird. I know I just said that. I have to ask. Why rip off the crusty look? They look like a bunch of kids you’d split a 40oz with or bat away when they’re spare changing instead of splitting wafer and juice-as-the-blood-of-christ with. The music? If you think a bad carbon copy of The Sex Pistols, cross bred with Jerry Falwell Ministries, cross bred with the fucks from the ‘80s TV show Fame sounds like a good idea, you’re no friend of mine. Awful intent, awful execution. I feel dirty.

 –todd (Fucking Christ)