DISASTER, THE: Black and White and Red All Over: CD

Jul 09, 2009

High marks to the design of this CD. The CD itself is on of those clear on the outside, shiny in the middle dealies, silk-screened with bloody fingerprints over a skull. For a CD, it looks pretty fuckin’ cool. The music: it falls on this side of good. Not fantastic, not cheek-spreading ass. Just right under the surface, there’s quite a bit going on. It’s chunky, it’s catchy, it’s fast, and in slight traces it reminds me of Kid Dynamite with a shoutier vocalist. What could improve it? The tempos are almost exactly the same all the way through and the instruments aren’t given time to breathe or get a memorable hook. Not talking shit, but a half hour after I listen to this, I can’t remember a song. The entire album tends to blend into one long song and sounds like a whirring machine. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them but can’t say I’ll listen to this too much.

 –todd (Alone / Endwell)