DISAPPEARED, THE: A Realization of Hope: 7”

Mar 17, 2008

Lyrically earnest, DIY-to-the-bone-proclaiming, basement-proud punk rock. I’m down with that. But, musically, the band owes a lot to Pennywise and other no-longer-in-the-basement bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, where I get the feeling that some of the dudes secretly want to just display their proficiency and let the vocalist say whatever he wants. (Could be wrong. Just a guess.) I’m glad there isn’t a list of their equipment manufacturers or sponsors, on the record. But here’s the thing that bugs me. They’re reacting and commenting on the binary. There’s no good reason to react to eyeliner in a song (even if it’s in defense of younger punks not knowing better). Dude, eyeliner’s a trend. You sing about reacting to that trend, which, in turn, limits the life of your song, and dates it in a bad way because fashion will be tutus or muumuus or whatever in a year or so. So, instead of a band making something of their own (memorable songs with a distinct personality that have a shelf life), it’s a reaction to something that’s best shrugged off. Seems like a quibble, but it illustrates a big difference in head space and approach.

 –todd (I Hate Punk Rock)