DISAPPEARED, THE: A Realization of Hope: 7”

Mar 17, 2008

Man, reviews like this one are hard—where you can totally appreciate what the band’s doing, but their music fails to cause a reaction. The fact that this is a two-song 7” is offset by the fact that a) the packaging is really nice, b) the vinyl itself is a gorgeous purple with turquoise splatters, and c) there’s a fully packaged CD (not CD-R, so it might last more than eight seconds before getting scratched to shit) with the 7” songs and three more. Nice work there. And they’re totally on-point with their awesome, pro-DIY lyrics. But the music fell a bit flat for me, sounding somewhat like Davey Havok or a Misfits-era Danzig who croons and sometimes shrieks through some spastic screamo stuff. I appreciate their politics and the sentiments expressed, but the music itself just wasn’t my thing.

 –keith (I Hate Punk Rock)

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