DIRTY TACTICS: Love Is Dead, Art Is War: CD

Jan 07, 2008

When I popped this in, the first thing that popped into my mind was “these guys sound a lot like One Man Army.” My brilliant observation was deflated a little bit when I looked at the press sheet and saw One Man Army already listed as an influence; therefore, beating me to the punch. I like OMA though, and Dirty Tactics proves themselves to be quite good, too. The singer has a voice that’s a lot more gravelly and nasally than Jack Dalrymple, but he makes it work even if it can get to the edge of being annoying at times. There’s nary a dud among the twelve tracks of melodic street punk on this CD. While this may not be changing the face of rock anytime soon, it is really enjoyable punk in the same vein as Swingin’ Utters, OMA, and Pistol Grip.

 –Adrian (Underground Cities, [email protected])