DIRTY LOOKS, THE: Self-Titled: 7"

Jul 23, 2007

I almost wish someone didn’t tell me that this had a couple of folks from Bent Outta Shape (RIP) because my expectations for this just went through the roof…. This sounds disconnected to me. The music’s great—that jangly, crisp, tight, fisty Hüsker Dü meets Replacements meets “indie band I won’t care for but am glad that a punk band got something out of it” sound. But, for me, the vocals don’t quite match up. Like Bossy (another Bent Outta Shape offshoot band), it almost sounds like they’re fronted by Nico {shiver}. The voice itself (not a comment on the person singing) sounds disinterested, distant, almost droney, even when she’s screaming. It’s just kinda… weird that the tone of someone’s voice makes such a difference, but it does. This 7” is like it’s driving around with the parking brake on. Comes with a poster and a slip of paper that directs you to free MP3s of the songs, which is way thoughtful.

 –todd (Iron Pier)