Sep 20, 2007

I get frustrated some times. I get frustrated when I don’t get good stuff for review and I get really frustrated when I get good stuff for review from bands who can’t seem to make up their mind if they’re going to continue being a band. I mean how many times can you put your little heart out there for a band that you know is just going to break your heart? This record has not one but two bands giving me angina. Firstly there’s Dirty Looks. At least half of whom live in the Bay Area and, on occasion, will play a show when all of them are in town. I got their demo in the last year or so and I was blown away. Naters of Bent Outta Shape laying down some “Bob Stinson if he was wasted and suddenly found himself in Naked Raygun on guitar,” backed up by Ren and Skip (also of B.O.S.) and fronted by Gaylen…a lady who can lay down the grit in just the way I like it. To my question of “are you guys going to tour at all?” I believe I got some reply of “not really and half of us are moving back to Oakland.” Now if there’s one thing I hate more than being let down by good bands breaking up before they’ve realized their full potential, it’s those bands breaking up after I laid down a thousand or so dollars to put out their record. So I balked. Bossy—although I don’t think they ever asked me to do a record—is a similar sort of situation coupled with the fact that I thought they blew at the Fest and god bless little Jimbo but that man can’t stay in a band for more than ten minutes. Their two songs here way outshine their performance that balmy night in Florida. Well, anyway, thank the man upstairs for Marco of Salinas. A young man with the deep pockets of a school teacher and the testicular fortitude of a deep sea welder. He treads where I dare not go and reaps the spoils of those dangerous outings. She ain’t too much to look at but she is a pleasure to listen to.

 –Steve Stephenson (Salinas)

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