DIRTY KID DISCOUNT: Sharpen Your Knives as Evil Threatens the Land: 7”

May 30, 2014

Well, gypsy punk and crust punk have officially joined forces to become one ridiculous genre. Dirty Kid Discount sound way more “gypsy” than “crusty” if you’re just listening to them, and if it weren’t for the aesthetics of the record sleeve combined with the fact that this is on Profane Existence, I am doubtful that a connection to the crust scene would exist. The lyrical content ties this back to the punk scene with anti-religious and environmentally conscious topics, which, as we all know, are commonplace for many punk bands (or at least the good ones). I can’t imagine the run-of-the-mill crusty punk being into this, as it lacks the heaviness and aggression synonymous with the genre. This record reminds me of a line from Repo Man which sums up my thoughts of this scene exactly: “Goddamn dipshit… gypsy dildo punks!” 

 –Mark Twistworthy (Profane Existence)