DIRTY DEAD: Carnivorous Lunar Activities: CD

Jan 06, 2009

I have spent a lot of time in the shower singing Misfits songs, trying to get my Danzig impression just right. Still, the hours I’ve put in are nothing compared to what the singer of Dirty Dead has done. One listen to this disc and it’s clear that he never reaches for the towel until his fingertips are wrinkled like raisins and he has sung “Hybrid Moments” so many times that every word is imprinted on his vocal cords. Needless to say, their version of that song is good. Their originals are rad. However, the real mind-blower is their Misfits-style cover of Hall and Oat’s “Maneater.” “Watch out boy, she’ll chew you up” gets a whole new meaning.

 –mp (Nothing But A Nightmare)