DIRTBOMBS, THE: If You Don’t Already Have a Look: 2 x CD

There are few current bands that can look so sweepingly and non-ironically into the past, specifically at the roots of soul and rock’n’roll, and not only do it justice, but plant a new flag in its ass. The Dirtbombs’ deep love of music that moves is obvious. The two CDs are separated into originals and covers—fifty-two (!) tracks in all. I don’t have a favorite CD, and that’s another element that makes them so special. I appreciate their own take on what a modern band can do with such a rich history to tap from, but, man, I also love the fact that they cover such a wide umbrella of music that wouldn’t or couldn’t be covered by a less adventurous and confident band. Cheater Slicks, Smokey Robinson, Flipper, Gun Club, Soft Cell, The Ohio Players, and the English Beat are all given the treatment in such a way that it’s easy to come to the conclusion, “Shit, I never thought of listening to them like that. Maybe I should re-listen. I must have missed something.” And whenever a band is that strong, you know they’re onto something big. The Dirtbombs make so many other bands sound puny.

 –todd (In the Red)