DIRTBOMBS: Merit b/w Mystified (Version): 7”

Jul 22, 2006

Mick Collins’ got stank. On “Merit,” he’s got the panty-wetting growl, the smoke and assurance voice of a man who knows where he stands: tall, in charge, and proud. And when you play anything flirting with soul and rock, like the Dirtbombs do, they gotta make you—the listener—to want to get hip-wigglin’ stinky. They gotta bring the gospel, to spread both the word and legs. On this song, they’re Booker T and the MG’s precise (their meticulousness just further sharpens their blade) and I’ve if there’s any justice in this world, Otis Redding’s smiling down in their direction from above. The b-side is a dub reggae song. Starts off sounding like tugboats in the mist and then there’s a lot of reverb. I’ll be playing the a-side a ton.

 –don (Kapow)